Dat me when I first got Waffles (3mos)

It started out as a thought, which then grew into words, which then turned into a puddle of ideas. This is how and when my blog was created (yep, you probably heard that before from a song). This is my little safe space where I share my thoughts and writes about pretty little things in life.


I am a (novice) blogger who looks for her path out in the wild world of social media. I write intensive reviews (you read that right) on beauty, (sometimes) skincare and DIYs.

Makeup is my second love and blending is my cardio. I accentuate. I do not create another face on top of my face. As Wayne Goss always say, let your skin breathe.

Negativity is not welcome in my little space but a healthy conversation is highly encourage. Please let me know your thoughts or requests and let’s keep in touch.

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I love memes, Sims and pupperinos,