Colourette Peach Purrfect Mineral Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatch Tests

I love eyeshadow palettes. My husband can attest to that. So when I learned that Colourette has released their very own first mineral eyeshadow palette,  I thought of getting one for myself.

Colourette is a local cosmetic brand in the Philippines that is known for their lip products such as Coloursticks, Supramattes and Tints. Their price could be a little bit over the usual Filipino drugstore makeup price and caters to modern Pinay.

There was a time that I was not really a fan of mineral eyeshadow. They are notorious in fallouts and there is a big need of a good primer because these babies move a lot. You would be surprised that instead of having a three-toned eyeshadow look, you will end up with one unintentional dark toned smudged look. With all these reasons, I was a little bit hesitant whether to try the Colourette Peach Purrfect Mineral Eyeshadow Palette.

Hence, my mother bought this for me as a Christmas present and sent it here in Sydney. It costs P999 (U$20, A$26) on Lazada but my mom got it on a sale with 15% off.


Packaging: The palette packaging is a matte cardboard with a mirror. The list of ingredients is pasted on the slide-on box and does not include any applicator. The shade names are printed separately on a photo paper and placed inside the palette.


Pricing and Size: For Php999 (U$20, A$26), you get 20g of eyeshadows, costing you Php99.9 (U$2, A$2.5) per shade.

Scent and Texture: The eyeshadow palette has 3 mattes, 5 metallics and 2 satin finishes. It does not contain any scent or fragrance.

Ingredients:  See the image below.


Something to Keep in Mind: On their website, they clearly mentioned that they have 12 eye colours in the palette but in reality, it is just 10 shades.

Image from


  • highly pigmented
  • long-wearing
  • easily buildable shades
  • skin nourishing benefits


The swatch test series will have three methods of swatching: finger swatch, dry brush swatch and wet brush swatch. I do this for the purpose that colour appearance varies depending on your method of application and brush you use. Also, instead of commenting on each colour, I decided to discuss how it went per shade finish (matte, metallic and satin).

pretty swatch

So before we start, I took the liberty to write the name shades just so to lessen confusion.

shade names


Finger Swatch

The swatch consists of single swipe from the ten colours of the palette.


MATTE. They definitely do not appear pleasing when you use your finger. They are very patchy and needs a couple of swiping to achieve better colour opacity. However, there is very little chalky effect on the pan and no fallout.

METALLIC. The metallic shades really look gorgeous and extra pigmented when you use your fingers to apply them. Contrary to the colour payoff, the fallout is insane! Also, little flakes form when you swirl in your finger even with a slightest pressure.

SATIN. Like the mattes, satin are definitely not pigmented when applied by fingers. Peach Please has a nice application but Nighty Night definitely needs extra work. There was a little bit of chalkiness and fallout.


Dry Brush Swatch

For this swatch, I used a synthetic ELF flat eyeshadow brush. I cleaned the brush in between the colours using my damped makeup remover cloth and patting it dry with a tissue. Throughout the swatching, I needed to go back and forth in a blending motion since the eye colours never appear with just a single swipe of brush.

brush swatch

MATTE. I needed a couple of layers to see a solid pigment for the mattes.  As of Just Me, the pigment is still patchy even after 6 dips from the pan. There was also unnerving amount of fallout from the pan itself and on my cheeks.

METALLIC. Using a dry brush does not bring out the beautiful pigments of these metallic colours. You need at least 3 dips form the pan and hella blending before the foil finish and pigment appear. Even so, it is still patchy. There is no need to worry about the colours being chalky but watch our for the fallout.

SATIN. The brush would definitely save the satin shades. Still, the colour will only appear when you do a blending motion. There is still the fallout and chalkiness to keep an eye for.


Wet Brush Swatch

I used the same brush from my Dry Brush Swatch and did the same cleaning method, but leaving out the part where I have to dry it with a tissue.

wet brush

MATTE. The pigments are incredible using this method and zero fallout nor chalkiness. It settles and dries into fine, almost satin finish. The pigment payoff is almost the same with dry brush. However, Just Me still needs a little bit of work.

METALLIC. The colours are superbly beautiful! There is solid pigment that is very easy to blend. There was no fallout nor chalkiness in the pan. Their colours are in their utmost beautiful form when applied by a wet brush. But to achieve this pigment, you still need to blend it.

SATIN. There is more pigment using this method of application. The gold glitter from Nighty Night is more evident.



Excuse the overly powdered bronzer. The lighting does not help either.



I wet the brush for a more pigmented application.





THE BEST. I am genuinely delighted on how the whole thing turned out. The shades are beautiful! This is a versatile palette that can be used to create an everyday look or a night glam. I think the shades are carefully well thought to achieve an eye look that can be worn by anybody. The soft browns, nude corals and sultry metallic is the staple shade collection and this palette definitely has it. I love how the formulation is creamy and not as extra solid like those of mainstream drugstore brands. There is also no need for an eye primer on this palette as this sticks for hours. Also, the colours do not mix together, creating a single dark shade, even after a long day.

THE WORST. One thing I noticed with this palette is that the shade names are not written on the packaging. It is printed separately on a photo paper and just laid inside together with the pans. For its price, I just hope they would have worked a little bit more on the packaging as a whole. They could either place the names under each pan or print it at the back of the palette.

chalkychalky 2

Another thing to keep in mind are the shades being powdery and the inevitable fallout when using your fingers or dry brush for application. However, you can prevent this by using a damp wet brush to hold those teenie tiny particles. When using a dry brush, there is a need to blend before the pigment to appear because these babies never appear if you will only do a patting application.

SO… I respect and value companies that are honest, transparent and ethical. It may not matter to some but, it is important to me whom and where I buy the things I put on my skin. I am slowly switching to cruelty-free cosmetics. When I contacted Colourette Cosmetics to clarify some things, they definitely claimed that their palette is 100% mineral shadow, vegan and cruelty-free. So I invited a good friend Terresa Clark who has a wider authority and experience to answer and confirm some questions in regards with the Colourette Peach Purrfect Mineral Eyeshadow Palette.

In a separate article, Terresa Clark, who served as a Creative Director for mineral cosmetics brand, confirmed that Colourette Peach Purrfect Mineral Eyeshadow Palette is not 100% mineral. She explained that “To be a PURE mineral shadow, it should contain only a combination of these ingredients: mica  (CI 77019), titanium dioxide (CI 77891), Zinc Oxide (Iron Oxides (CI 77499, CI 77492, CI 77491), Manganese Violet (CI 77742), Ultramarines (CI 77007),  Chromium Oxide Green (CI 77288), Talc (CI 77718). Pure mineral shadows will come in a loose powder form.


I am just disappointed with the fact that they have put out another product with false claims. In my experience, this also happened with their Colourette Supramatte Halloween Edition and Colourette Browfessional Waterproof Automatic Eyebrow Pencil. I am tired of companies putting so much claims and promises.

I do not really mind if this was not a pure mineral eyeshadow but I just really hope they stop putting products in the market and claim it to be something.


SHOULD YOU BOTHER? I love the product. I really do! But the brand itself is another story. I will definitely get a lot of backlash in this article. Colourette has a beauty cult of men and women who swear by the brand. However, I personally will not buy from this brand again. They have failed me several times from their liquid lipsticks and “waterproof” eyebrow pencil. I hate it when you are the one that have to adjust just to make the product work for you, given their prices.

If you are not concerned with false claims of this being a pure mineral eyeshadow, you could give this a try.  This palette is considered “expensive” in the Philippines by many makeup lovers I know. I can buy two or three palettes with how much this costs. This is not the worst palette nor the best. It does what an eyeshadow expects to be. Nothing really new.

As I said from my previous blogs, they are not the first company who does false advertisement to fish consumers. Once a local brand that I used to look up to for years, everything what they are now is a total let down. From the brow and lip products to their eyeshadow… three strikes, I am out.


Happy New Year!



34 thoughts on “Colourette Peach Purrfect Mineral Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatch Tests

  1. If I ever had girlfriend, pretty sure she will be busy reading this. And if possible she will explain it to me. Because it is that good. But I always like eye shadow thing more.


  2. I don’t really know how to use eyeshadow, I do hope to learn someday, your review is wonderful, very detailed,I liked the fact that you did a color sample for different type of brushes and that you were honest about positive and less positive things in the brand


  3. These colours are fantastic and you show them off so well. There’s something so refreshing about a new palette isn’t there? As always, I love your honesty in your reviews!


  4. I think the metallic colours look the best and quite rich. But it is really odd that the eye shadow palate comes with 10 shades when the website says 12! I’d probably not buy this product at all! Thanks for your honest and detailed review 🙂


  5. Lets start with the positives first: naturally I am delighted that you are switching to a cruelty free lifestyle and as someone who is vegetarian but only use vegan products, I am pleased that they are cruelty free. However it is such a shame to hear that some of the shadows are patchy and that they even lied about their products, which definitely does not bode well for the company. Such a shame that you won’t be buying from them again.


  6. I love this colors and my skin is very similar to yours! I may try this palette it will be good for my collection (I to love eye shadows!) and the wet brush looks like it goes really well from your testing!


  7. Joline

    I personally don’t like supporting dishonest companies. It’s so weird though, why do it? Could it be a mistake? Like their website (which is just plain careless TBH)? Too bad, I the colours look pretty.


  8. I loved these colour shades so much. I have never used mineral eye shades but these swatch tests are great to motivate a person like me to get some of these beautiful colours.


  9. What a wonderful range of makeup. I particularly like the matt finishes.However as much as the product is nice I do not like brands that lie about their products and would consider twice before thinking to buy their products.


  10. What you said about not having any of the items named, it made me think of a box of chocolates where you have the card which tells you what is in each chocolate. And even then you aren’t sure. And I sympathize with you that you would have to do so much work to get the palate to work for you, even if it was very beautiful in the end.


  11. I am currently in the market for a new pallete of eye shadow and I absolutely love these colors. They’re right up my alley! I have been watching tutorials about the wet brush lately as well but I am honestly terrified I will mess it up. Lol thank you for this info!


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