How I Prevent or Lessen Acne Scarring and Heal It Faster

It is the time of the month when I get zit festival on my face. Acnes are not the most pleasant thing to see in the planet but I do not necessarily hate them (well, tiny bit). On the other hand, acne scars are far worse. Even though I got rid most of my zits, the scars are here to stay as long as they want.

There are a couple of things I do to prevent and treat my acne which is predominantly on my forehead and chin. But I would like to reserve that on the coming articles. Right now, I would like to share to you how I prevent or lessen the scarring of my pimples and how I heal it faster.

Just a short disclaimer: I am no way a skin expert in any form and whatever I do with my face will not always work with everyone who reads this. I HIGHLY advice that you consult with your doctor before doing anything for a far more safer acne treatment. This method works on me and I will continue to do so. This method is not for everybody but you are free to try it out for yourself.

So just to avoid confusion, Even though I will be mentioning band-aid lot, I am meant to say adhesive bandage. So enough with the introduction and let us start!

Together with other skincare that I have, here are the three main things I usually use when I deal with my acne

  • Neutrogena Hypo-Allergenic Cleanser Bar 95g
  • The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml
  • Any hypoallergenic transparent spots
Trying not to drop them!

I normally use my Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser on a daily basis. During “my week” wherein my acnes are appearing faster than my order refunds, I would always use a different cleanser that is more suitable for my flare-ups. By this, I use Neutrogena Hypo-Allergenic Cleanser Bar or Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (got this sample from Sydney Royal Easter Show).


After washing my face, I would then apply The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution as a spot-on treatment for my pimples. On their website, they mentioned that you can apply this daily on your entire face for a clearer complexion. I tried doing and it actually made my skin a bit clearer but I also end up having dry patches almost everywhere on my face. So now, I just use them for specific areas.

acne treatment

If my zit is non-cystic, I just usually leave this next part and continue with my usual skincare routine. But if it is cystic (red, swollen, tender bump with pus), I do a much more straightforward method – I pop it. I know, I know. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOESD TO TOUCH OR POP YO ZIT NO MATTER WHAT, AKEY?

But things have taken different turn since my last cystic acne moment. I accidently scratch my zit while sleeping and woke up with a scary situation. My husband and I were supposed to go somewhere that day so I was panicking inside. It was on my chin and it is the biggest cystic zit I have yet so far. It was a very unpleasant sight and I do not actually know what I am supposed to do. Then, I remembered an old article before saying that a popped pimple can be treated like how you would with an open wound – use a band-aid.

In this situation, I would rather have a tiny square band-aid on my chin, ignoring those judging stares, than a bleeding round acne. As the day finishes, I removed my makeup and cleaned my face. As I removed the band aid after 7 hours of wearing it, I noticed a big difference from how it was few hours before. So after applying salicylic acid and before I put the rest of my skincare, I covered my wounded zit with this overnight.

band aid

The next day, my pimple that was there yesterday is now almost gone, not swollen and is flat! I did this for another day and on the third day, I let ait it out to settle and dry by itself.



I treated both zits with salicylic acid. The one that has band-aid has lesser scarring and can easily be hidden by foundation or concealer. The one without is still an active acne and has a bump. I tried using a pimple patch by Cosrx but I find using a spot-on band-aid more effective and cheaper.

How To Acne Hack

All in all, this is not a 100% guarantee to treat your acne especially if it a recurring case. It is wiser to consult your doctor for the proper clinical treatment. And oh! Drink plenty of water!


Happy New Year!


23 thoughts on “How I Prevent or Lessen Acne Scarring and Heal It Faster

  1. I hate whenever I get a pimple, as it always (well 90% of the time) leaves a scar 😦 I don’t even pick them, which makes it even more unfair hahaaha. But I love applying those patches on top, that always makes me touch them much less 🙂

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  2. Great tips.. But I only use one product on my face.. Alba’s Acendote. Have you tried it? It’s amazing.. have had little to zero acne problems since I started using it about 4 years ago.


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