Project Pan: Weekly Makeup Tray | Week 1

Since I moved to Australia, I collected an amount of makeup that is too much for somebody who does not use it as a main source of income. Some are gifts, some are sent by companies but most are driven by sale. 

Makeup Collection

I have a serious problem regarding makeup on sale. It feels so darn good when the packaging is undented, the palette untouched, the sponge pristine and the lipstick perfect – and I plan to keep it that way as long as I could. Actually, I still keep some of the packaging so just in case I would be giving them away to friends, I will just slip them back in their box.

Makeup Packaging

That is why I want to take part in Project Pan with thousands of people around the world. This has been going on for a long time. I just I recently saw this on Instagram. One of the people I follow is doing this every week. I thought, why not? One thing is for sure: this is going to be a real challenge for me. Project Pan is for both makeup and skincare. Contrary with collecting makeup, I only have a couple of skincare products to get me by.

Before anything else, what happens in Project Pan?

Project Pan is a plan to hit [the] pan on as many products as possible, which even refers to products which don’t have a pan such as liquid foundation, tubes or bottles of skincare – Beauty Heaven user Misfortune8

For this challenge, I have set some personal rules I want to stick by in the coming months:

  1. I will only use the makeup on my tray for the whole week.
  2. Lipsticks are an exception. It will always be based upon my mood, event and eye look.
  3. In case I am filming tutorials and taking photos for blog purposes, I can use other makeup base besides the one on my tray.
  4. I will lessen buying makeup but if so, I will be more conscious.
  5. My focus is to reach the pan so it is possible that I would use some of my current selection until next week.
  6. I will unsubscribe to (some) makeup newsletter. Y’all know letting go is hard.

So here, let me show you my first makeup tray for the Project Pan:

Weekly Makeup Tray_Week 1

  • Foundation: Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover (Beige)
  • Concealer: Rimmel London Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue (Soft Beige)
  • Bronzer: Revlon Bronzer (Sun/Soleil)
  • Highlighter and Blush: Revlon Highlighting Palette (Bronze Glow/Eclat Bronze)
  • Finishing Powder: ELF Perfect Finish HD Powder (Clear)
  • Eyebrow: Colourette Browfessional Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil (Ash)
  • Eyeliner: ELF Precision Liquid Liner
  • Lips: Anything, baby!

This tray is more of an everyday makeup collection. I only have a few makeup items right now since I will be using powders for my base (mineral foundation, bronzer and highlighter) so I guess there is no need to bake the cake for now.

I really hope I can continue this as long as I can. Not only I will be saving money from doing this, but also help myself control my urge to buy more makeup.


You are Pan-tastic!




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