Review and Swatch: My Little Pony Super Shock Shadows

You know what dreams are made of? Ponies, glitter and My Little Pony Super Shock Shadows!

Recently, ColourPop has launched their biggest collection to date with a 12-piece makeup, brush set and even makeup bags. Their collection includes three pressed powder highlighter, three Ultra Glossy Lips, three Ultra Matte Lips, one eyeshadow palette and three super shock shadows.

I ordered these babies along with My Little Pony palette and Yes, Please! palette on the day they launched it and it pretty much arrived after a decade in Australia. I do not know what happens in their whoever-is-in-charge-of-their-dispatch department and courier but it was one hell of a wait for a first class shipping.

my purchase
Read my ColourPop’s My Little Pony eyeshadow palette review here.

As soon as I received my package, I was in horror to see that my Cherries Jubilee is not in its perfect condition. The pan is not entirely filled, not properly pressed and even fell out when I twisted it open. Apparently, I am not the only person who received their super shock shadow in this condition. There are several of us, and some even have two or three items damaged. I have contacted ColourPop and they are happy to provide me a coupon code equal to my broken purchase. I just wish that they could replace it with a new one. Sadly, according to their Return Policydue to the low cost nature of our products, we are unable to offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. All sales are final. ColourPop reserves the right to refuse any returns at any time.

By the way, ColourPop is not really low-cost as they pretty much charge 4.17USD per gram in comparison with Juvia’s Place ($1.41/g), Morphe ($1.53/g), and MAC ($4/g). They only pose as a budget-friendly cosmetics as they release small batches on wider pans.

broken cherries jubilee
*cries glitter in corner*

To take away the image of my poor Cherries Jubilee, here take a look of their super adorable packaging!

sss with packaging
Ain’t they cute?

For those who who are not familiar with these babies, super shock shadows are a creme powder formula that never leaves fallout or chalkiness. They are very much different with the classic pressed eye colours by its formulation. It is a silicone-heavy eyeshadow that is why it has a featherlike touch when your swirl your finger in. They are also famous with their pigments and variety of finishes.


Swatch Test Series

I swatched My Little Pony super shock shadows on three different applications: one with a synthetic smudge brush, natural smudge brush and with my fingers.

three jars
From left: Posey, Cherries Jubilee, and Sunbeam

The colour descriptions are directly based from ColourPop’s website. You may refer to their website for the complete list of ingredients.

  • Cherries Jubilee:  opalescent pink with hot pink glitter. This will be your staple go-to super shock shadow when you want to pop the colour of you middle lid. It was a bit sad that this has a glitter fallout from the rest.
  • Sunbeam: pastel lavender drenched with violet, hot pink and ice blue glitter. This is probably my favourite from the three. I often wear this alone paired with a fierce liner.
  • Posey: soft pinkish beige with silver, gold and pink glitter. This is the version of a nude glitter eye makeup. This is perfect to put all over your lid whilst sporting a smokey eye.with products


All the three My Little Pony super shock shadows have Ultra Glitter finish. In this swatch, I compared them with other super shock shadows with different finish – metallic, matte, and another glitter finish.

brush swatch 2
Swatches of different super shock shadow finish. SB – synthetic brush ; NB – natural brush ; FS – finger swatch

On the photo, Telepathy (metallic) and Leopard (matte) have very rich pigment when applied with synthetic brush and fingers. Being an Ultra Glitter, Party of Five has more opaque base than Sunbeam (as with Cherries Jubilee and Posey). I just noticed that Little Pony’s super shock shadows contain more glitter that the other regular Ultra Glitter super shock shadows

The only downfall with this is you can never achieve the full pigment just by applying it with your regular brush. As stated on ColourPop’s website, it is advisable that you use your fingers in applying this on to your lid. To someone who has mild hand eczema, I myself is never a fan of using my fingers on applying my makeup.

Makeup Looks

Here are some eye looks I did using Little Pony’s super shock shadows.3rd look

3rd look 2I created this look using the three super shock shadows. Cherries Jubilee all over my lid and on my brow bone. Posey on my mid lid and Sunbeam on my inner lid. To give depth on my eye look, I used a tiny bit of Twilight on my outer lid. I finished the look with Ultra Matte Bare Necessities on my lips.

look 3

look 2_2

I created this very simple and quick look using only Posey all over my lid, tear duct and waterline. I paired it with (crooked) liner and a mascara. The mirror-like finish is my favourite in doing this look!


THE BEST… I am most impressed with the fact that they have a mirror-like finish. It is not all the time that you get this kind of finish for 5USD. They stayed on for hours even without an eyeshadow base. Even though it has been 6 hours, they still have the same sheen from the moment I have applied them in the morning until I got home in the afternoon.

THE WORST… If you are not a fan of glitter makeup, try avoiding the super shock shadows as these can get a bit messy and the glitter moves all over your eyes (annoying part). Also, it was only with a synthetic brush that I ever got hold of the super shock shadow. The mirror-like finish will only appear when you apply it with your fingers as brushes would only collect glitter from the pan.

SO… Just to reiterate, I find the super shock shadow is best applied with your fingers to bring about that mirror-like finish. This is perfect to put on top of a matte eyeshadow to make your eye look pop or wear it alone with a fierce eyeliner. Do not expect so much pigment on these three as they are all glitter finish. In short, they would only look stunning when hit by a light but not as outstanding when not.

SHOULD YOU BOTHER? These shadows are only companion eye colours. Yes, they can be worn alone but look best when complemented with other shadows, vice versa. If you are a fan of glitter and shimmer eye makeup, it is worthwhile to keep these babies included in your stock. If you are into practicality, you would not be missing so much if you skip this for now.

Please go on and check my review of ColourPop’s My Little Pony eyeshadow palette and let me know your thoughts.

Keep shining,

6 thoughts on “Review and Swatch: My Little Pony Super Shock Shadows

  1. Jorja's Blog

    Sunbeam is by far my favorite super shock shadow in the collection! I got an order today from Colourpop and two of my super shocks were broken, so you’re not alone there!


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