Wunderbrow: Is It Worth The Hype?

I bought and tested Wunderbrow so you do not have to! Did it stick with its claims of being infallible and foolproof?


Wunderbrow has been a staple ad on my Facebook feed for the last couple of weeks. It is on my Twitter and Instagram… Actually, it is almost on every social media platforms nowadays. With demo clips of popular Instagrammers trying out the product, it is no wonder that Wunderbrow is selling like hot cakes!

Wunderbrow is created and developed by KF Beauty under the Wunder2 brand. They  produce their products in US labs, incorporating technology with beauty. According to their website, Wunderbrow is said to be “completely waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof, and can last up to three days without flaking or fading“. It is also infused with hair-life fibres, giving you a fuller brows. Now that is a lot to take!


Wand brush applicator

I purchased the overly hyped Wunderbrow from their website for AUD34.95 (Black/Brown shade) which included a ‘free’ shipping. One thing is for sure though, Wunder2 Team knows what sells – ‘free shipping’. It took around twelve days from the day they confirmed my order before I received the item. Once it landed on my mail, I immediately tried it, holding all their claims dear to my heart and hoping they are solid true.


tools of application

The product has a gel-like substance, pretty much like a very pigmented gloss. As I have seen on numerous demo videos of beauty gurus, they used an angled brow brush instead of the wand brush applicator. The brow brush will give you more control in lining out the shape you wanted. Wunder2 has their own and is sold for AUD11.95.


I first tested it on my arm using its wand brush appicator, my own angled brow brush and a spoolie that came with it. When using any of the tools, I advice that you should only use very little amount in each application or layer as it may leave bristle lines or marks, giving you a solid and uneven outline.

DISCLAIMER: The following is my honest account using the featured product within the span of three days. Just a reminder: I am writing a review, not promoting a product. There are points that are delighting for some, but some parts may trigger others. Everything is based entirely on my experience. Beauty and skincare products behave differently on each person. It may work on me but totally opposite on you. A healthy dialogue after each blog is very much welcome and is encouraged.


Day 1
This is the best I could do.

I applied it on a Friday night so even if I effed up everything at least I do not have to parade my crooked brows to the public tomorrrow. Before anything else, I made sure that I have a handy tissue and cotton swabs lying around so just in case I accidentally over line my poor brows, I could just easily correct them before it dries.

I did a couple of applications before I got my desired shade. Just imagine the patchiest, low-key, diluted-looking, watered down brown liquid lipstick. To make the story shorter, the bald spots on my brows never got a proper hold of the pigment. On the other hand, Wunderbrow has done a pretty nice job to my other brow that still has plentiful of hair. As it dries, I felt an itch on my upper right brow the whole time. (Did you?)

Day 2

Day 2

I normally wash my face in the morning with a gentle facial cleanser before I prep my face with my everyday makeup. Today was an exception. I washed my face only with cold water, hoping that I did not mess up my pretty brows and extend the effect of Wunderbrow. Just after I dabbed my face dry, I noticed that at least 20% of the product came off, leaving me with uneven filled brows.

Day 2_right

My right brow is still doing a pretty good job holding the product. Though as you can see, the inner corner and upper line of my brow has faded. There was also a patchy spot on my lower middle brow. The tip is slowly losing its charm too. It is scary to think that water alone can do this to the “water-proof” Wunderbrow.

Day 2_leftMy left brow is looking sad and confused. It was ultra patchy and looking crusty. The bald spot never get a proper hold of the product, unlike the parts that has hair. The tip is almost gone and inner corner has faded too. My ELF Lock On Liner and Brow Cream can do better than this even after I do the Jamsu makeup trend (water dipping makeup technique to set makeup).

Day 3

Day 3

I never kept my hopes up for this product after what happened yesterday. On the third day, I decided to use my Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser. Please be reminded that this is a gentle facial cleanser as many people with sensitive skin use this daily. It is not supposed to strip off any makeup on your face, especially this one.

Day 3_rightI was trying my hardest to avoid touching my eyebrows (I tell you, this is the most difficult thing to do and it ain’t pleasant at all). The inner half of my right brow has totally faded as well as the tip. There was also a thick patch of the product on my outer corner.

Day 3_leftMy left brow with bald spots is totally a goner,  almost like it was never groomed. It only has a subtle hint of tint. Only my right brow has remained alive and intact, but it was slowly giving up the fight too. In my frustration, I washed the Wunderbrow off using Palmer’s Ultra Gentle Cleansing Oil and it came right off the bat like it was never there.


THE BEST. The first day wearing Wunderbrow is almost a dream come true. It conditioned my brow hairs and they never felt stiff at all. The bottle is a solid glass and on point. It has no smell or whatsoever.

THE WORST. All throughout I was wearing Wunderbrow, I always try to avoid touching my brow area. That is why wearing a heavy makeup and washing it off later has been the biggest challenge. It has given me inconveniences rather than ease. I tried running my finger on my brows before the third day ends, with a little bit of force, just to see if it really is transfer-proof. Well folks, it is not.

I decided to return the item but upon reading forums and Facebook reviews about returning an item to Wunder2, it seems that they make it impossible to happen. The return shipping is at customer’s expense. In addition, they would like to have the parcel tracked and place the product in a padded envelope. Funny, I never even received mine in a padded envelope.

I am based in Sydney, Australia. Sending it back to their main office (KF Beauty) in England would cost me almost triple for what I paid for. For the return or refund, you need to email them first for a Returns Authorization Code (RAC). They replied to me after almost a week. This only gives me less than two weeks to settle the parcel. They will only consider the return or exchange within the span of 30 days. If that is the case, I need to spend around AUD90 for an express shipping just to reach their office on time. That is 55 dollars top the price of the product.

SO… In the end, I decided to keep it but I do not see myself reaching out to this item every now and then. On the bright side, summer is coming soon to Australia, so it means we will be visiting the beach every now and then. Wunderbrow would come in handy around that season. It is not the worst product there is. The thing is, they put up an over the top superficial claims that they cannot really fulfill. I am not saying that this is the only product that did that. The only thing that frustrates me more is how overpriced it is in comparison with what it can actually do, ripping us off with our hard-earned money. I do not really mind paying a lot as long as it can deliver.

SHOULD YOU BOTHER? I myself would never reorder Wunderbrow again. You may want to try and test if the hype is for real. If you are somebody who has a nice healthy bush of a brow, give it a go. As I observed in the past three days, it performed really well on areas that has hair. I do not know if I got the bad batch (PK04473 12 38 NONUK) or it is just really is. There are other dupes that are cheaper, perform better and last longer than Wunderbrow. The Korean beauty have peel-off tattoo brow that gives a good nice tint that could actually last for days (usually more than 3 days). Nonetheless, it is fun and thrilling to discover new things and eventually find the right one that suits you best.

Love you brows,

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